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British auction house Woolley & Wallis has denied media reports that it’s about to sell the world’s largest natural pearl—but notes that the specimen it’s selling is still pretty impressive, and likely to fetch more than $400,000.

The Properties of Diamonds

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Diamonds are found as rough stones and must be processed to create a sparkling gem that is ready for purchase.

As mentioned before, diamonds are the crystallized form of carbon created under extreme heat and pressure.

Diamond Grading Knowledge

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Here are some of the basic questions related to the diamond grading.

Basic Diamond Knowledge

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Diamond Facts:

Listed below are some of the basic diamond facts.

Diamond industry set to lose lustre as banks cut down on leanding

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Indian diamond industry that is worth $28 billion is heading towards a stormy phase with banks drastically cutting on lending. This is on account of prices of rough diamonds rising too fast while there is little upward movement in the prices of polished diamonds.

World's top diamond grading and research institute promoted by the De Beers group of companies has finally come to the rescue of the Indian diamond industry

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World's top diamond grading and research institute promoted by the De Beers group of companies has finally come to the rescue of the Indian diamond industry.

In order to maintain consumer confidence in diamonds and help detect synthetic diamonds, the Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), country's apex diamond body has collaborated with De Beers' International Institute of Diamond Grading and Research (IIDGR) for providing Automated Melee Sorting (AMS) machines for detecting lab-grown diamonds mixed with the natural diamond parcels in the next three months.

The AMS machines can detect synthetic stones in a parcel of small diamonds ranging from 0.01-0.20 carats, mainly manufactured in Surat and Saurashtra, in a cost effective manner and with utmost speed.

Surat has earned a bad name world over following the expose of the mixing of lab-grown diamonds with natural diamonds.

There are few small and medium players, who are clandestinely manufacturing lab-grown diamonds and later mix them with the natural diamond parcels.

All the lab-grown diamonds are imported from China and Hong Kong.

Industry sources said the AMS machines have the capacity to detect diamonds in a big lot, thus making the detection of lab-grown diamonds more easy and fat.

In the first phase, these machines will be operated by the Diamond Detection and Resource Centre (DDRC), a part of the Gemological Institute of India (GII) at the Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB) premises.

"Diamond traders dealing in small diamonds could get their parcels tested at affordable cost.

The AMS machines will go a long way in eradicating the illegal practice of mixing lab-grown diamonds in the natural diamond parcels" said a senior office-bearer of GJEPC.

Dinesh Navadia, president, Surat Diamond Association (SDA) told TOI, "It is a good move for the diamond industry. The association will urge the apex body to have the AMS machines installed at the diamond association office in order to test the diamond parcels."

SSEF introduces the Automated Diamond Spectral Inspection

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The Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF has developed the Automated Diamond Spectral Inspection (ASDI) – a device which can analyse very large quantities of melee diamonds at low cost. The development of the instrument is all the more important following concerns expressed by members of the global diamond industry in the past year after undisclosed lab-grown diamonds were mixed in with parcels of natural diamonds.

Diamond loses its hardness

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“LONSDALITE” kicks the diamonds hardness and replaced it by the title of world’s toughest substance.


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As by the general perception of the people, diamonds are often imagined as colorless through light yellow and they are described using the industry’s color-grading scale from D - Z.

Choose Your Diamond Shape

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There are many diamond of very different shape each possess unique characteristics and quality.  

“We value your investment”

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 “Are Diamonds Forever?”

Yes diamonds are forever. If you want to PROPOSE to a girl gift a diamond, if you want to INVEST buy diamonds, if want to look beautiful in your biggest life occasion i.e. Marriage wear diamonds.

Does all labs are same on grading?

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10 different diamonds where send to American laboratory (GIA) and other laboratories worldwide for the survey. After the survey reports Rappaport compared the reports and were found that the opinions of reports differ as much as 3 colour grades.

Problem With GIA PDF Report Viewing and Sharing

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As per bug reported from Mr. Allen, 

We have found that GIA has changed something with Their PDF Report Download,

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Thanks to Mr. Allen, we got this bug reported earlier and managed to fix it asap

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Please bare with us as apple only know when they will review and release the new version. 



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App Price updated on App Store and Play Store, DLC2 is Coming Soon

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New Prices are Set on App Store and Play Store.
Its set to 9.99 USD. 

This version is full fledged search version and soon going to be Called as DLC1, and we have started working on DLC2, DLC1 will have current every functionality as is it, till Lifetime of App....

iOS Promocodes Give Away

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