App Price updated on App Store and Play Store, DLC2 is Coming Soon

on Tuesday, 18 February 2014. Posted in Blog


New Prices are Set on App Store and Play Store.

Its set to 9.99 USD. 

  • This version is full fledged search version and soon going to be Called as DLC1.
  • We have started working on DLC2
  • DLC1 will have current every functionality as is it, till Lifetime of App, 
  • And new functionality (from DLC2) will be also be made available in DLC1, and it Will be free of cost for 1 Year, and later, it will be charged annually.
  • Those who have bought This app at older Price were Luckiest People to get most benefits, And because of them, Our App is Successful, and giving us inspiration to build this product out of the box along with lots of new features that are coming soon.
  • We are planning to Make Free Version of App, with Limited Number of Request per day along with 7 days trial. So you can try before you buy.
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