iOS Promocodes Give Away

on Wednesday, 29 January 2014. Posted in Blog

Diamond Lab Certs are giving away few promo codes for its iOS App

iOS Promocodes Give Away

Hello Folks,

As promised, we are giving away few promocodes to lucky users

we will be posting random numbers of promocodes in random period so every one get a chance to try our app with.

Stay tuned on our blog for Promocodes.
The promo code can be flashed at any time..   so stay tuned to our blog, maybe its your lucky day. !!!

Lets see how many of you can grab them, post in comments if you have got one for your self.

We want to smell the heat in air.

Diamond Lab Certs Team.

Upadted 18th Feb 2014

Apologies for Delayed response

Here you go

  • X749E76H99JH 
  • E9A9HR9H339R

As App price is now 9.99 USD, you gonna love this codes, and those who grabs it will be luckiest


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