Which has more value diamond from certified family or un-certified?

  • Which has more value diamond from certified family or un-certified?
    Certification of diamond does not change its quality, characteristics and nature.
    Certification of diamond gives a legal document of proof of diamonds characteristics. Certified diamond comes with a diamond grading report from the diamond testing lab which has the recognition all over the world. This report shows all the characteristics of the diamond. When you have the registered diamond to check its registration report visit our website and download our application.
    Whereas on other hand the diamond uncertified is without the report and other fore its quality is based on trust i.e. the word of seller, uncertified diamonds are not bad on counterpart. The certified diamonds are only encouraged because while shopping its info helps you to shop, it helps to compare your choice with other diamonds: weight, value, color, clarity. With uncertified diamond it becomes difficult to compare and to know about it. The certified diamond would speak with itself in front of jewellers about its quality, this shows the diamond certificate adds up the value to the diamond. It appraises its value during the purchase and selling and helps to quote the worth value of it, there is chance that uncertified diamond purchasing from jeweller can make you fool out of you. The certification can be done from 6 international labs spread all over the world. GIA, IGI, HRD, EGL INTL, EGL USA, AGI