Signature Difference

on Wednesday, 22 January 2014. Posted in Diamond Education

Cut is considered the most important characteristic of a diamond, because it has the biggest effect on brilliance.

To ensure the highest quality, we start with the finest uncut diamond rough found in nature. Because of its natural shape and crystalline structure, the diamond rough is first cut in two. Then each piece is meticulously analyzed by our master diamond gemologists, who mark it for facets with proportions that will produce the most brilliance.

Perfect Proportions
Proportions affect how light travels within the diamond. Diamonds that are cut too shallow and wide, or too deep and narrow lose light out the sides or bottom, causing the diamond to lose brilliance.

Exceptional Symmetry
The alignment of a diamond's facets, or symmetry, also has a strong effect on diamond brilliance. Each facet is like a mirror. When the facets are symmetrically aligned, all of that reflected light is focused directly at your eye. In the illustration to the left, the diamond on the left has poor symmetry and the facets do not align. As a result, light is misdirected within the diamond and brilliance is lost.

Double Certification
All loose diamonds are certified and being graded by the GIA or AGSL. This provides you a second authoritative analysis of your diamond.

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